Our TODO list is getting bigger and bigger every day. Be sure that we read every single feedback and every single feature request you send us. In the past weeks we’ve received a lot of emails asking for information about our project and what’s going to be included into AcyMailing in the upcoming months.

So here are all the information we can share at this time 😉

What’s next (from now to 2020)?

AcyMailing 5 features will be back

We recently received a lot of feedback about missing features in AcyMailing 6. Here are all the features which will be brought back before the end of the year.

  1. Integration with other components (DPCalendar, Universal Filter, CB subs, EasyBlogs etc…)
  2. Allow to re-send a campaign
  3. Birthday newsletter

Editor and UX improvements

The new drag & drop editor was one of the most important things we added into AcyMailing new version. You told us that you love it, and we want it to make it even better!
Here is what we will include in the upcoming months:

  1. Editor toolbar (save / do / undo / preview at the same place)
  2. Outlook improvements (Please @outlook, stop being so different than the other mail clients 😥)
  3. Live preview (When you insert dynamic content like the last article, the two last products from your store…)
  4. Possibility to send a test from the editor
  5. More options (line height / emojis …)
  6. Custom CSS pop-up improvement

Our services

Multi-site license

This license will return to being really multi-site. We will increase the limit to 20 websites so that people will be able to use AcyMailing on more website.
By the way, if you’ve recently purchased a multi-site license which has been limited to 5 websites, please email us, we will find a deal 😉


We will soon release a brand new documentation. This one will concern AcyMailing 6 and will be way more simple to understand.

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