A good email campaign can be an engine for your lead generation efforts. That said, running one manually is very labor-intensive. There’s much more to it than composing emails. You have to schedule emails, maintain contact lists, deal with the subscriptions, and handle responses. The more popular your email newsletters become, the more work you have to do. That’s why it’s such a good idea to integrate a good email automation program from the start.

Still not convinced? The following 10 reasons should serve to change your mind.

1. Large Scale Personalization

Automation, at first glance, can seem like the opposite of personalized. You aren’t alone if you visualize machine composed emails that are sent out en masse. The truth is quite different though. Automation actually allows you to maintain personalization as your email marketing scales up.

Imagine your email list has a couple dozen subscribers. In that case, it’s easy to hand type personalized emails with the subscriber’s name in each one. Now, imagine doing that for hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands of subscribers! That’s impossible.

However, with an automated email system, you can use customized fields to auto-insert names, industries, business names, and more. Basically, if it exists in your CRM, you can insert it into an automated email. Best of all, that personalization can lead to higher open and click-through rates.

2. It helps with long term planning

With the right email automation tool, you can begin to plan out your email campaigns early. You may even be able to schedule emails for several weeks in advance. Imagine being able to begin planning an email marketing plan for the holidays as early as September.

3. You'll save money

Simply put, it takes fewer staff members to manage campaigns when the process of creating emails, sending them, and managing subscription lists is automated. You’ll also free up your sales team from tasks such as cold calling. Yes, you will spend money on the automation software itself, but the ROI and saved labor costs can be significant.

4. Your company will remain at the forefront of customer’s thoughts

When dozens of subscribers receive your emails with your company name on them, that imprints on their minds. Let’s say a subscriber doesn’t even open that email. They still see the sender’s name and subject line. That little ‘flash’ of information can stick around longer than you might imagine. Of course, if they open that email, the effects are intensified.

When your emails are open, you are accomplishing any one of the following:

  • Nurturing customer relationships.
  • Delivering valuable content to improve thought leadership and trust.
  • Reminding existing clients of your value to them.
  • Educating new customers about your company.
  • Driving people closer to conversion.

Ideally, the next time a customer has a need for your products or services, they will think of your brand first.

5. You'll have more time for planning and strategy

Ultimately, you will be able to take the time, money, and human resources your save with automation, and dedicate more time for planning and strategy. That leaves more time to conceive new promotional ideas, create great content, and actually write those conversion-driven emails.

Of course, those are just items that fall under the marketing umbrella. You can also dedicate that time and savings to improving production, acquiring new technology, or on research and development.

6. You need a strong automation driven email system to nurture leads

Email is the way to go when it comes to nurturing leads. You can use an email blast to launch a campaign, or for seasonal email campaigns. However, you’ll eventually want to switch over to drip emails in order to ensure that you are delivering the most relevant content to carefully selected groups of people. With a drip campaign, you can target people according to their needs, and their position in the customer journey. The best way to execute a drip campaign is with an automated email system.

7. Email is one of the most accessed platforms

Not everyone checks their social media pages each day. They certainly aren’t checking your website that often. What they are doing is checking their emails. Even if they aren’t actively browsing the internet, most people receive email notifications via their mobile devices.

With email automation, you will be able to send out personalized, captivating emails and achieve even better results than on social media, Google ads and other marketing platforms!

8. Email automation has built-in analytics

With a good automated email system, you will have some nifty built-in tools. These tools will allow you to conduct a bit of A/B testing, revise your emails easily, and analyze the results. Common data you will get from your system include:

  • Open Rates
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Delivery Rates
  • Unsubscription Rates

Once you become familiar with these tools, you’ll be able to use them to gain insights into your campaigns and make needed improvements.

9. Increase traffic

If you craft relevant emails with links to quality landing pages, blog posts, articles, and product pages, you will increase the amount of traffic you have to those pages. Not only will that boost visits to your pages, but your click-through rates will also increase as well.

While email doesn’t usually directly impact SEO, it can have an indirect influence. Your calls to action can lead people to your on-site content. There, they may choose to share that content on social media, increasing your overall presence.

10. You’ll receive needed help with list management

As your list grows, subscription management becomes very labor-intensive. The same is true for segmentation. For example, with email automation, you can base your segmentation on some of your analytical data. One way to do this would be to create a campaign to send re-engagement emails to people who have not opened or taken action regarding any of your emails. You could also segment based on subscribers who are very engaged.

Here are some other segmentation possibilities:

  • Industry
  • Level of Engagement
  • Purchase History
  • Price Point
  • Geography
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Source of Lead

In terms of subscription management, an email automation system will provide you with the option to enable the subscribe/confirmation process, as well as the unsubscribe process. In addition to this, you can sync your email automation software with your CRM to keep contact information up to date. Email list growth is important, but so is the integrity of the information within that list.

Final thoughts

Even if you are starting with a small list of subscribers, now is the time to begin considering email automation. Eventually, you will find that you reap significant benefits in managing your email campaigns when you are able to automate some of the tasks associated with that.

Diana Nadim is a writer and editor who has a Master’s degree in Marketing. She combines her passion for writing with her interest in research and creates thought-provoking content in various fields. Besides working as a contributor writer for TopEssayWriting and WriteScout, Diana also does some editing work at ClassyEssay. What inspires her the most in her writing is traveling and meeting new people.

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